Denials Management Analytics

Prevention is Better Than Cure – Desiderius Erasmus

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Cloud-based Denials Management Analytics software with expert analysis improves net revenue

We believe that denials should be prevented, even before they occur. Rebilling is expensive. You’re actually spending money and a lot of it to recoup what you’ve already earned. And it’s time to change that. Audact Health Denials Management Analytics solution primary goal is to help providers achieve nearly 100% of first-pass claim payment and eliminate denials.

Audact Health Denials Management Analytics solution analyzes your electronic remittances and categorizes denied charges into relevant groups, creating actionable work queues. Combined with our expert analysis, we identify the root cause of denials, set up a process improvement to prevent future and track results.

Leveraging big data powered analytics platform, Audact Health Denials Management Analytics solution is designed to analyze remittances daily to help providers alert potential denials, uncover hidden problems, highlight trends, and realize cash opportunities.

Denials Workshop:

We believe that software and domain expertise go hand-in-hand to solve denial problems. Audact Health’s experts can analyze problem areas and/or opportunities where a facility can take steps to minimize or even eliminate specific types of denials. Audact Health can provide this value-added service to clients on a weekly basis.

Bottom Line:

Audact Health Denials Management Analytics Solution typically identifies a minimum of $500,000 in potential net revenue gains within 60-days of implementation. Net Revenue gain is in our DNA. Click here and find out how !!

Key Features & Benefits:

  • Financial Dashboard with performance indicators
  • Improve 1st pass claim payment and cash flow; Reduce A/R days
  • Improve staff productivity by grouping denials into meaningful categories
  • Easy-To-Use Pre-built dashboards & reports with adhoc reporting
  • Cloud-based solution; Quick (< 7 Days) Time to Value
  • Intelligent work queues – Automatic routing of denied claims
  • Endless flexibility to analyze denials (e.g. Payers, CPT, Physician)
  • Comprehensive 837 & 835 Parsing
  • Unified view of denials across all systems and locations