The Power of ONE … Billion

Audacthealth is pleased to announce that our client hospitals have passed one billion dollars in retained earnings associated with account audits and process improvement initiatives. This is a tremendous milestone and celebrates the contributions of hundreds of dedicated hospital auditors and the education and mentoring team from Audacthealth.

While cash contribution is very important, the understanding that revenue integrity is everyone’s responsibility is even more critical for long-term gains. The dialogue between administrative and clinical departments has forever modified the traditional silo approach to work. Replacing that legacy thinking is an open exchange of ideas that almost always leads to improved financial performance.

This accomplishment has taken eleven years of effort and thousands of hours of hard work but the results stand for themselves, having produced over one billion dollars of improved technology, facilities and expert staff. The communities served by these hospitals have directly benefited and many will experience residual benefits for years to come.

During that same eleven year period, an additional one hundred and fifty billion dollars was earned by U.S. hospitals, but never collected; reminding us all that the road to financial integrity is steep and long. The institutional pride in knowing you are making a difference in your community inspires Audacthealth to commit to helping healthcare organizations collect the next billion dollars.