Healthcare analytics solutions that are empowering providers reduce cost, recover lost revenue, and make better data-driven decisions.

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Healthcare BI Solutions

Audacthealth’s solutions focus on cost savings, efficiency improvement and revenue recovery – all leading to improving the bottom line of providers. Audacthealth’s patient-centric analytics solution employs data science to connect the dots across the entire life cycle of a patient visit, providing decision makers with rare data-driven insights on the operating margin per patient visit as a whole, and rich analytics across every touch point.

Combined with deep subject matter expertise, Audacthealth unites next-generation SaaS Business Intelligence and big data to deliver unparalleled healthcare analytics solutions that enable decision makers to identify and modify inefficient practices and organizational behaviors to improve the bottom line.

Audacthealth’s solutions are delivered via cloud at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional Business Intelligence software. Hospitals using our solutions can perform a deep dive into their own data, mash it with external data to measure performance in all areas as they transition to outcomes based reimbursement model requiring measurable delivery of a higher quality care at lower cost. Over the past decade, Audacthealth has helped our clients across the country increase net revenue by approximately $1.2 billion, a 16x ROI.