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Business and Leadership Courses

Healthcare organizations need leaders whose behaviors and actions combine to positively impact employees, customers, and the facility’s bottom line. It is vital that leaders and managers embrace the full scope of their responsibilities in order to positively impact business results.

Audacthealth’s Leadership and Business Skills education program focuses on application-oriented learning experiences that address the entire role of the manager. To help new and experienced managers meet all of today’s management challenges, the curriculum provides a set of tools that focus on:

  • Increasing resourcefulness and initiative
  • Defining the contribution managers want to make in their specific management role
  • Managing performance through a balance of accountability and trust
  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback
  • Improving team decision making by embracing – even encouraging – diverse viewpoints
  • Implementing and maintaining a “Pay for Performance” program
Audacthealth has partnered with AAMAS to provide online educational courses.

The following courses are available for only Audacthealth customers and not for general public.